The HECToR Service is now closed and has been superceded by ARCHER.


This section contains links to various documentation resources that may be of use to HECToR users. You may also want to check the HECToR User Wiki for any material added by the user community.

The HECToR User Guide

The User Guide to the HECToR Service explains how to make use of the HECToR service. It is designed with the needs of new users in mind, but will also be a useful reference for everyone.

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The HECToR Optimisation Guide

The HECToR Optimisation Guide has been prepared by staff from EPCC and KTH as part of the pan-European PRACE initiative. It contains more advanced and detailed information on the HECToR hardware and software than the User Guide. In addition, it provides a lot of advice on optimising your code for the HECToR system and descriptions of how to use the various profiling and debugging tools on the system.

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Software Packages Information

This section contains more detailed information on a number of software packages that are centrally-available on HECToR. The information available includes how to access the packages, example job submission scripts, hints on getting the best performance and detailed compilation instructions.

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Good Practice Guides

HECToR Computational Support and Engineering (CSE) support is provided by the Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG). The CSE team provide the HECToR good practice guides, which are intended as a supplement to the User Guide, providing more detailed information on the phase 3 architecture, tips on serial and parallel optimisation, how to perform scalable IO, suggestions for managing your software projects, and advice on profiling and debugging your code.

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Other HECToR Guides

These guides describe the use of specific HECToR features or software in more detail.

Cray Documentation

Cray provide a range of documentation on the HECToR environments and performance analysis tools.

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