The HECToR Service is now closed and has been superceded by ARCHER.

The HECToR CSE Service

Computational Science and Engineering (CSE) support for HECToR is provided by the Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG). The CSE Service exists to help the user community to make the best use of the HECToR machine by providing training, web-based resources, and assistance with porting, optimisation and tuning of software. The Distributed CSE (dCSE) Support service funds you to improve the performance and capability of your code.

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The CSE team provide a variety of training courses covering different aspects of computational science and engineering. See HECToR training for details.

Technical Assessments of Applications for HECToR Time

The CSE team is responsible for providing a Technical Assessment of any grant applications requesting time on HECToR.


Documentation in the form of good practice guides, FAQs and the user guide is maintained by the CSE team.

The CSE Helpdesk

The CSE helpdesk is fully integrated into the main HECToR Helpdesk. The CSE team will endeavour to help with any aspect of users' codes - porting, debugging, optimising, benchmarking, etc.

Distributed CSE Support

Project PIs or consortia funded by EPSRC, NERC or BBSRC, may apply for distributed CSE support. This is an award to provide specialist help in order to improve a code and enhance its capability on HECToR. For details of completed Distributed CSE Support projects please see the reports section.

Contacting the CSE Service

The CSE service normally operates from 9.30am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday. It is closed on English public holidays and over the Christmas and New Year period. We can be contacted via the HECToR Helpdesk, or as follows:

The Numerical Algorithms Group Ltd
Wilkinson House
Jordan Hill Road

Telephone: 01865 511245
Fax: 01865 310139