The HECToR Service is now closed and has been superceded by ARCHER.

Service Status

The HECToR Service is now CLOSED.

HECToR (XE6): Closed

Last Updated: 18:00, Monday 24 March 2014

HECToR Usage

Usage history for:

HECToR Usage History

Current load in different queues on HECToR:

Jobs in queue (running/queued/limit)
Nodes (max. Cores)20m1h3h6h12h24h
4 (128)0/0/640/2/640/1/640/1/640/4/64
8 (256)0/0/640/0/640/0/640/2/640/4/640/8/16
16 (512)0/0/480/0/480/2/480/0/480/0/480/3/8
32 (1024)0/0/320/0/320/0/320/0/320/0/320/3/6
64 (2048)0/0/200/3/200/1/200/3/200/0/200/0/4
128 (4096)0/0/160/0/160/1/160/4/160/2/160/2/2
256 (8192)0/0/80/0/80/0/80/0/80/0/8
512 (16384)0/0/40/0/40/0/40/4/40/0/4
1024 (32768)0/0/20/0/20/1/20/2/20/15/2
2048 (65536)0/6/10/0/10/0/10/1/10/0/1
HECToR Queue History

HECToR Network Traffic

Data transferred on and off HECToR in the last 72 hours (green = data transferred off HECToR; blue = data transferred on to HECToR).

HECToR Network Traffic

HECToR Message of the Day

Up to date information direct from the service machine.

Machine currently unavailable.

Historical HECToR Phase 2b Usage

Phase 2b usage history for period ending 9 November 2011:

HECToR Phase 2b Usage History HECToR Phase 2b Queue History