The HECToR Service is now closed and has been superceded by ARCHER.

Service Administration


SAFE, which was developed at EPCC, is the admin software used by HECToR, as well as by HPCx. Every user of HECToR has an account on SAFE, as well as their accounts on the HECToR service machine itself. Its functions include:

  • Registering users;
  • Adminstration of projects and resources, by PIs and project managers;
  • Generating reports;
  • The HECToR helpdesk.

The SAFE website uses a certificate issued by the UK e-Science Certificate Authority. If you see certificate errors when trying to access this web-site you may need to load the CA certificates into your browser. These are available from the NGS website.

Login to the HECToR SAFE

HECToR administration and how to use SAFE

There is an extensive FAQ with sections that explain how HECToR is administered, and how to use SAFE.

How to apply for access

The procedure to follow, with links to the application forms for all research councils .

The Cost of Access to HECToR

This section provides more information on how much your project will cost your Research Council?

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