The HECToR Service is now closed and has been superceded by ARCHER.

HECToR User Guide

This guide explains how to make use of the HECToR service. It is designed with the needs of new users in mind, but will also be a useful reference for everyone.


1. Introduction

An introduction to the HECToR facility.

2. System hardware

Details of the hardware and architecture that make up the HECToR facility.

3. Connecting

How to access the HECToR facilities and transfer data to and from HECToR.

4. Resource Management

Information on using budgets (for CPU time), the HECToR filesystems and managing your resources using the HECToR SAFE.

5. Modules

Working with the module environment that manages software packages and libraries on HECToR.

6. Running Jobs

How to run jobs on HECToR facilities and more information on the batch queuing system.

7. Compiling

Information on compiling programs to run on HECToR facilities.

8. Libraries

The software libraries available on HECToR facilities. This includes high-performance mathematical libraries and others.

9. Tools

Performance analysis, debugging and visualisation tools available on HECToR facilities.

10. Software on HECToR

Information on the centrally supported scientific software packages on HECToR facilities.

11. Grid computing

Using grid computing tools on HECToR facilities.

12. Further reading

Links to other useful documents.