The HECToR Service is now closed and has been superceded by ARCHER.

5. Using the module environment

On HECToR facilities the module environment is widely used to manage the components of the systems software and also several supported application packages.

5.1 Information on the available modules

If you are looking for an application, library or tool on HECToR facilities , it might be installed already and ready to use. A simple module avail will list the modules available:

user@hector-xe6-4:~> module avail

--------------------------------------- /opt/totalview-support/1.1.4/modulefiles ---------------------------------------

--------------------------------------- /opt/cray/xt-asyncpe/default/modulefiles ---------------------------------------
craype-abudhabi            craype-hugepages2M         craype-mc12                craype-target-native
craype-abudhabi-cu         craype-hugepages512K       craype-mc8                 xtpe-network-gemini
craype-accel-nvidia20      craype-hugepages64M        craype-network-gemini      xtpe-network-seastar
craype-accel-nvidia35      craype-hugepages8M         craype-network-seastar     xtpe-target-native
craype-barcelona           craype-interlagos          craype-shanghai
craype-hugepages128K       craype-interlagos-cu       craype-target-compute_node
craype-hugepages16M        craype-istanbul            craype-target-local_host


This will list all the names and versions of the modules available on the service. Not all of them will work in your account though, due to e.g. licencing restrictions. You will notice, for many modules we have more than one version, typically identified by their version number. One of these versions is marked as the default. As the service gets developed, the default will move. The webpage:

Default module versions on HECToR

provides a time line of the default versions for a number of key components of the system software.

If you want more info on any of the modules, try module help:

user@hector-xe6-1:~> module help castep

----------- Module Specific Help for 'castep/6.1' -----------------


	This module sets up your environment to access CASTEP 6.1.
	Once loaded you can access the CASTEP executable using the
	name 'castep'.

	You can find example job submission scripts, compilation
	instructions and more details on the HECToR Website:

	For access to CASTEP please contact the HECToR helpdesk

	Installed by: A. Turner, EPCC
	Date: 5 November 2012

A simple module list will give the names of the modules and their versions you have presently loaded

user@nid00004:~> module list           
Currently Loaded Modulefiles:
  1) modules/
  2) nodestat/2.2-1.0400.31264.2.5.gem
  3) sdb/1.0-1.0400.32124.7.19.gem
  4) MySQL/5.0.64-1.0000.5053.22.1
  5) lustre-cray_gem_s/1.8.6_2.6.32.45_0.3.2_1.0400.6453.7.1-1.0400.39662.3.1
  6) udreg/2.3.1-1.0400.4264.3.1.gem
  7) ugni/2.3-1.0400.4374.4.88.gem
  8) gni-headers/2.1-1.0400.4351.3.1.gem
  9) dmapp/3.2.1-1.0400.4255.2.159.gem
 10) xpmem/0.1-2.0400.31280.3.1.gem
 11) hss-llm/6.0.0
 12) Base-opts/1.0.2-1.0400.31284.2.2.gem
 13) xtpe-network-gemini
 14) cce/8.1.8
 15) totalview-support/1.1.4
 16) xt-totalview/8.11.0
 17) acml/5.3.0
 18) xt-libsci/12.0.02
 19) pmi/4.0.0-1.0000.9282.69.4.gem
 20) rca/1.0.0-2.0400.31553.3.58.gem
 21) xt-asyncpe/5.20
 22) atp/1.6.2
 23) PrgEnv-cray/4.0.46
 24) pbs/
 25) packages-phase3
 26) bolt/0.5
 27) budgets/1.0
 28) craype-interlagos
 29) cray-mpich2/5.6.5

5.2 Loading, unloading and swapping modules

To load a module to use module add

  module add cray-libsci

will load the default version of the Cray Scientific Library, libsci. If you need a specfic version of this,

  module add cray-libsci/12.0.02

will load version 12.0.02 for you, regardless of the default.

If you want to clean up, module remove will remove a loaded module

  module remove cray-libsci

will unload what ever version of the libsci (even if it is not the default) you might have loaded. There are many situations in which you might want to change the presently loaded version against a different one, e.g. trying the latest version which is not yet the default or using a legacy version to keep compatibility with old data. This can be achieved easiest by using module swap oldmodule newmodule. Suppose you have loaded version 11.1.01 of libsci,

  module swap cray-libsci/11.1.01 xt-libsci/12.0.02

will change to version 12.0.02.

Additional help on using modules is available

  module -h

5.3 Things to watch out for

Modules can depend or conflict with each other. In many cases modules are guarded against conflict. If you have loaded fftw/3.1.1 loading fftw/2.1.5 would lead to conflict. If you try this, you get

  user@hector-xe6-4:~> module load vasp5/5.3.3
vasp5/5.3.3(9):ERROR:150: Module 'vasp5/5.3.3' conflicts with the currently loaded module(s) 'vasp5/5.3.2'
vasp5/5.3.3(9):ERROR:102: Tcl command execution failed: conflict vasp5

which tells you about the conflict. To resolve this use module vasp5 vasp5/5.3.3 instead.

For the compilers to work correctly, you have to make sure you have the right PrgEnv module loaded. How to use the compiler modules is described in detail in the Compilation section:


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