The HECToR Service is now closed and has been superceded by ARCHER.

The HECToR Archiver is now Read Only. Please use the UK Research Data Facility (UK-RDF) for long term data storage. Instructions are provided below to help you list and retrieve data from the Archiver.

This section describes how to archive data using the daily, scheduled archiving run.

Scheduled Archiving

In your /work/project/group/user" directory (for example: /work/x01/x01/user, your root directory on the "work" filesystem) there are two archiving directories: ARCH and ARCH2.

Any files or directories placed in the ARCH or the ARCH2 directory will be archived during the next scheduled archiving run. "Archived" means that they will be copied to the tape archive system and then deleted from either the ARCH or the ARCH2 directory.

  • Data placed in ARCH will be archived once.
  • Data placed in ARCH2 will be archived twice, thus ensuring the safety of the data.

Although you save on quota by using the ARCH directory because you create a single archive, this should not be used for critical data.

The scheduled archiving process runs daily at 2200 hours GMT. All files which are in the archive directories at that time will be archived. Files placed in these directories whilst the scheduled archive is running will not be archived until the next day.

A log file "cray_archive.log" is maintained in your ARCH and ARCH2 directories that provides a record of the data that has been archived by the scheduled archiving run.