The HECToR Service is now closed and has been superceded by ARCHER.

Training Courses

Below is the full list of HECToR and HPC courses we offer. Please see the schedule for upcoming courses and details on how to register.

If you are interested in a course that is not currently scheduled or having a course taught at your institution then please contact us.

HECToR Specific Courses

Introduction to HECToR A general overview of the hardware, software and configuration of the HECToR system.
Transitioning to the Cray XE6 An overview of the architecture including the Gemini interconnect, using MPI, languages and good practise.
SPRINT: Parallel computing with R on HECToR An overview of the HECToR systems in the context of using SPRINT, which provides easy access to the statistical programming language R in an HPC environment.

Programming Courses

Fortran 95 A 3 day course teaching you everything you need to know about Fortran 95.
Parallel Programming with MPI A grounding in the essential language for parallel programming and advanced topics.
OpenMP The concepts and essential syntax for writing OpenMP on shared memory machines.
Parallel I/O This course covers MPI-IO, the NetCDF and HDF5 libraries, and includes examples and case studies.
Object-Oriented Programming in Fortran 2003 A three day course in object-orientation in Fortran, and how this can lead to code that is easier to maintain and reuse.
Coarray Fortran Introducing the new PGAS features of Fortran 2008 that run efficiently on HECToR.
An Introduction to Unified Parallel C (UPC) Introducing the PGAS features introduced for the C programming language.

GPU Programming Courses

An Introduction to CUDA Programming A 2 day introduction to the development of CUDA programs for NVIDIA GPUs.
Accelerating Applications with CUDA A 3 day CUDA course covering multi-GPU programming.
An Introduction to OpenCL Programming An introduction to writing OpenCL programs for GPU and mulit-core CPUs, 2 days.

Other Courses

Debugging Profiling and Optimisation A 3 day course covering debugging, profiling and optimisation of serial and parallel codes.
Multicore A one day introduction to the implications of multicore processors and information on how to exploit them.
Core Algorithms for High Performance Scientific Computing A grounding in computational linear algebra and optimisation and their efficient implementation, over 5 days.
Best Practice in HPC Software Development A five day course for those with parallel programming experience who are embarking on a major software development project.
Scientific Visualisation This course enables you to understand data and discusses visualisation techniques.

Application Specific Courses

DL_POLY A two day introduction to the general purpose molecular dynamics simulation package DL_POLY.
Exploiting Parallel CASTEP on large-scale HPC A two day course to help you get the best use CASTEP on parallel computers.