The HECToR Service is now closed and has been superceded by ARCHER.

Core Algorithms for High Performance Scientific Computing

Description: Many scientific calculations can be cast as problems in computational linear algebra and optimisation. Powerful algorithms for such problems form a common core of most scientific software. This school will develop a solid grounding in the mathematics of these algorithms; discuss the efficient implementation in a range of standard libraries and demonstrate effective use in real, high-performance scientific applications.

Aimed at: This school is ideal for beginning PhD students or Postdocs in all scientific disciplines wishing to make effective use of substantial computational resources to tackle new scientific problems.

Prerequisites: Please note that this course does not teach a computer programming language. A good working knowledge of a scientific programming language (either Fortran- 95/2003 or C/C++) is a pre-requisite. Students will also be assumed to be familiar with basic Linux commands, text editors, and compilation of scientific code in a command-line environment. A background in a mathematical science or engineering is essential. A basic knowledge of linear algebra, Fourier transforms and eigenvalue problems will be assumed.

Duration: 5 days, a mixture of lectures and hands on exercises.

After Course Attendees Will: Be familiar with a range of powerful computational algorithms, their underlying mathematical principles and effective use via high performance numerical libraries.

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