The HECToR Service is now closed and has been superceded by ARCHER.

Privacy Policy

In the Terms and Conditions of Access, the service undertakes to observe this Policy. UoE HPCX Ltd is also bound by the terms of its Data Protection Act notification.

This policy applies to personal data about users of the HECToR service.

We will store in the service's database the personal data you supply to us through the website, when you register as a user of the service and later.

We will also store in the database details of your use of all aspects of the service, including, for example, the amount of processor time and storage space you use, the courses you attend and the queries you send to the helpdesk.

We may use this information to help us manage and administer the service, to review, analyse and audit its performance and its patterns of use, and to plan for the future.

This information will be available to those members of the staff of EPCC (a department of the University of Edinburgh), of CCLRC and of NAG Ltd who are working on the HECToR project. They will also be available to the Principal Investigator of your research project and to anyone whom the PI designates as a manager of the project.

Information about the use made of the service by research projects and the sub-groups within them may be made available periodically to the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC). Individual users will not be identified. This information may also be placed on the service's public web pages.

Periodically, the service will be examined by auditors acting on behalf of EPSRC, and they may see your personal data. They will be acting under conditions of professional confidentiality.

We reserve the right to monitor your use of the service, including anything you transmit over the Internet, and any data or software you store on our systems, in order to ensure that you and all the other users are complying with the Terms and Conditions of Access and not breaking the law. We must allow any court or other competent authority to inspect our records of your use of the system, or your data, and to take copies of it, if this is legally required; and we must report your activities to the competent authorities if we know or suspect that you are breaking the law. These are legal obligations for us.

Our policies for ensuring the security of the services database and of all your data can be found in our Information Security Policy. Your personal data will be retained in the service's database until the service closes. For the purpose of the Data Protection Act, the data controller is UoE HPCX Ltd.

We would not be able to administer the service properly, nor adequately account to our funding bodies for our conduct of this project, without processing your personal data in our database in this way. For this reason, we have to ask you to consent to this policy. This consent is included in the Terms and Conditions of Access.

If you have any questions about the treatment of your personal data, please contact The HECToR Helpdesk.