The HECToR Service is now closed and has been superceded by ARCHER.

This sections provides an introduction to the various HECToR partners. Who runs the service?

The HECToR Partners

The HECToR service is funded by the UK Research Councils.


UoE HPCX Ltd are contracting and directing the HECToR hardware. Working through contractors, it provides the accommodation and system management, as well as the helpdesk, website and administration.

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EPCC provides the accommodation at the ACF. It also manages the system, provides the helpdesk, manages user administration, and coordinates the provision of the website.

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NAG Ltd. provide the computational science and engineering support for the users of the service.

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Cray Inc

Cray Inc. provides and maintains the HECToR hardware and systems software.

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STFC Daresbury Laboratory

STFC staff at Daresbury Laboratory assist with the provision of the service.

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The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council managed the procurement for HECToR and will continue to act as managing agents for the service.

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