The HECToR Service is now closed and has been superceded by ARCHER.

Contingency and Reversion Plan

This page describes our plans for coping with a variety of events. It is based on the relevant part of the contract between EPSRC and UoE HPCx Ltd; that is a legal document which this page summarises in lay terms, so the contract should be considered as authoritative.

Repair or replacement of hardware and software provided by Cray

  • If parts of the system are damaged or destroyed as a result of some disastrous event, representatives of EPSRC, Cray and the Service will meet at the site to review what has happened.
  • If it is agreed that what has happened is a disaster, Cray will ensure that any replacement kit will be given high manaufacturing priority. In most cases this will mean that it goes to the top of the queue.
  • Cray will make reasonable efforts to provide temporary access to kit that it owns, until new kit is ready. This will depend on availability, and Cray's other legal responsibilities. We will provide backup tapes of our users' data to enable this.
  • We will work with Cray to make arrangements with Cray's other customers to allow us to use their kit temporarily. We and Cray will contact other customers in advance, to make reciprocal arrangements for such events, and EPSRC agrees with this.

Other plans

  • Loss of data If we lose user or systems data without the hardware being damaged, we will retrieve from the latest backup, making use of the off-site tape copy if necessary. See the Backup Strategy.
  • Loss of services machine The machine which hosts the wesite, SAFE and the database is also backed up (see the Backup Strategy). If it is damaged or destroyed or if its data is lost, it can be reconstituted from the backup.
  • Damage to the building or infrastructure If the building or the infrastructure is seriously damaged, we will meet with EPSRC and Cray to decide how to proceed. Options will include:
    • continuing the Service in reduced mode;
    • repairing the building and plant;
    • transferring the service to another site.
  • Loss of staff We are confident that the current staff roster of the service is capable of covering for the loss of any individual member of staff. In the event of the simultaneous loss of several members of staff, the service would be able to draw on the staff of EPCC as a whole.
  • Cessation of the service Should the HECToR partners be unable to maintain the service for whatever reason, or should their performance be judged inadequate by the standards laid down in the contracts, operation of the service will be assumed by EPSRC. Users' data will be transferred to their care.