The HECToR Service is now closed and has been superceded by ARCHER.

New version of MPI on HECToR will require recompile and relink

Cray are planning to release a major new version of the their parallel libraries, known as Cray Message Passing Toolkit (MPT) in their June software release. MPT is visible on the HECToR system as the "cray-mpich2" and "cray-shmem" modules.

The MPI library in this MPT release is based on MPICH 3.0.3 and is binary incompatible with previous Cray MPI libraries. This new MPI library also contains initial support for many MPI 3.0 features. Cray supplied libraries and tools that use MPI will support this new version of Cray MPI and will also be released in June. Users will need to recompile and relink but no code changes are required for codes not using any of the new MPI 3.0 features.

These libraries will be installed as non-default on HECToR as soon as possible after their release to allow all users to test their applications. We will also provide a module that will allow users to load all the required modules with a single command. Users should test their applications as soon as possible as future Cray library releases will support this version of MPT rather than the old versions.

We will let all users know once the new MPT library has been installed on the system.