The HECToR Service is now closed and has been superceded by ARCHER.

Environment changes and long term data storage

Module warning message

After the maintenance on 6 March 2012 the following message is being displayed to all users when they log onto HECToR:

The xt-mpich2 module is now deprecated and will be removed in a future release.
Please use the cray-mpich2 module.

This message can safely be ignored and will disappear with the module updates planned for the 20 March 2013 (see below). The message is a consequence of Cray updating the layout of their software modules to replace the increasingly inaccurate "xt-" prefix with the more general "cray-" prefix.

Update of default MPI module

Due to a bug in the MPI implementation in the xt-mpich2/5.6.0 module the default was changed to xt-mpich2/5.6.1 during the maintenance yesterday (6th of March 2013). This should not affect user programs, but should you encounter any problems please contact the helpdesk:

Module updates planned on 20 March 2013

We plan to update both the default versions of system modules to the latest version and the set of modules that are loaded by default when a user logs onto the system on Wednesday 20 March 2013. The list of planned changed in default module version are listed on the HECToR website at:

Currently, the "xt-mpich2" is loaded by default for all users when the access HECToR. On the 20 March 2013 we will switch to using "cray-mpich2" instead in line with Cray's new module naming convention.

Long-term storage of data on HECToR

With the advent of the UK Research Data Facility (UK-RDF) we now recommend that you use the UK-RDF in preference to the HECToR Archiver for long-term storage of data on HECToR. You can find more information on the UK-RDF at:

If you want to get access to the RDF please email