The HECToR Service is now closed and has been superceded by ARCHER.

Low Priority Queues Available on HECToR

A low priority queue is now available on HECToR. The key facts are as follows:

  • A single low priority queue is available.
  • The low priority queue applies to the XT4 only. It is not available on the X2.
  • Class 1a projects will not be charged for low priority jobs. All other projects will be charged.
  • The minimum job size supported in the queue is 512 cores.
  • The maximum run time supported is 3 hours.
  • Jobs can be submitted to the queue at any time.
  • The low priority queue will only be enabled when the backlog of 'normal' jobs is below 3 hours. The backlog is currently re-calculated hourly.
  • Jobs in the low priority queue will continue to run right up to the start time of planned maintenance slots. The low priority queue will not be drained. We would therefore encourage you to use check-pointing.
  • Any low priority jobs which fail to complete as a result of planned maintenance or a node/system failure will not be refunded.
  • The execution queue is called 'low'. To submit a low priority job, users should add the following to their PBS job submission script:
    	#PBS -q lowpriority

The low priority access initiative will run for an initial trial period from 16 Dec to 1 March 2010. We will assess the impact on utilisation and review as necessary.