The HECToR Service is now closed and has been superceded by ARCHER.

Mailing lists

We will maintain several HECToR mailing lists

User-inform is a mailing list for HECToR users. Everyone who registers as a user will initially be on this list. You can expect two or three mailings a month from the list, covering things like:

  • Changes in the HECToR hardware and software;
  • Expected interruptions in the service;
  • Upcoming events, such as courses, conferences and workshops;
  • News of events in the world of HPC in general.

Only HECToR staff will mail to the list, and in general only users will be members. If you don't wish to receive these mailings, you can use SAFE to opt out.

All mailings are archived and can be viewed in SAFE. Please login to SAFE and go to the section "View user mailings". Press the "View" button to access the mailings.

HECToR-interested will be a low-volume mailing list, carrying occasional messages about progress in the implementation of HECToR, availability of the parts of the service, etc.

The list is maintained by JISCmail, so anyone may subscribe by sending an email to, containing this as the message:


...replacing "Forename" and "Surname" with their own forename and surname. If you wish to unsubscribe, send this to the same address:


No one can post to it except for HECToR staff, who will also be the only ones who can see that you are on the list.