The HECToR Service is now closed and has been superceded by ARCHER.

Programming the X2 Vector System

Description: The X2 system marks a return for vector processing to UK academics and in this course attendees will be given an overview of the hardware, software and configuration of this new system. The course will cover both the practicalities of compiling and submitting jobs to the X2 nodes and also the subtelties of getting the most out of the hardware, including an insight into which codes will perform best.

Aimed at: All those who are interested in learning more about the X2 vector system.

Prerequisites: Experience in parallel programming with MPI and either Fortran or C in a UNIX environment is essential. Attendees should have experience of using HECToR. Experience of Cray PAT would be beneficial.

Duration: 1 day plus optional 2nd day to work on your code with HECToR CSE Staff. Please select either 1 or 2 days when booking.

After Course Attendees Will: Be familiar with the HECToR X2 hardware, software and configuration and understand which types of codes are best suited to exploiting the vector system.

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