HECToR Monthly Report, June 2010

Information on the utilisation, disk allocations, slowdowns and helpdesk statistics can be found in the associated SAFE monthly report.

Dates covered: 08:00 1 June 2010 to 08:00 1 July 2010
Number of hours: 744

1: Availability

Scheduled down time: 7 hours 22 minutes.


The following incidents were recorded:


Of the four severity levels, level 1 corresponds to a contractual failure.

Out of the 26 SEV-3 Incidents, 26 were attributed to single node failure events. Three of the 5 SEV-2 Incidents were attributed to node fails where multiple nodes were impacted.

Details of severity level 1 incidents

ID Date Description Length Attribution
Incident-3722 15/06/2010 Cabinet emergency power down due to power supply failure 04:58 Cray

MTBF and Serviceability

  • Note 1: Serviceability%= 100*(WCT-SDT-UDT)/(WCT-SDT)
  • Note 2: MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) is defined as 732/Number of failures.

Details of single node failures

Error Type Number
RX message header CRC Error 12
RX message CRC Error 6
RX packet sequence number error 2
MCA error (internal Opteron cache error) 2
UME bk4 (bk0 DIMMS) 1
Software/application related error 6

2: Courses

This information is supplied by NAG Ltd

There were no courses held in June.

3: Quality Tokens

Date Tokens Awarded Comment Consortium
14-June-2010 18:49:10 * * * * * Positive feedback. No Comment Supplied x01
14-June-2010 12:31:59 I have been waiting for a response from my query Q90696 for six days and haven't heard anything. This is holding my work up n02

4: Hours Worked

GroupDays workedFTEs
OSG55.0 5.0

5: Performance Metrics

Technology Provision

Description TSL FSL Value
Technology reliability 85% 98.5% 99.3%
Technology throughput 7000 hours 8367 hours 8636 hours
Capability job completion rate 70% 90% 100%
Technology MTBF 100 hours 126.4 hours 732

Note: Technology throughput is calculated: 12*(732-UDT-SDT); 732 - annual average number of hours in a month

Note: MTBF is calculated as 732/number of failures

Service Provision

Description TSL FSL USL Value
Percentage of non-in-depth
queries resolved within one day
85% 97% 99% 98.7%
Number of SP FTEs 7.3 8.0 8.7 10.7
SP Serviceability 80% 99% 99.5% 100%