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Massive Remote Batch Visualizer
Porting AVS/Express to HECToR

George Leaver, Martin Turner

Research Computing Services, Devonshire House,

University of Manchester, Manchester, UK, M13 9PL

20 July 2010


The AVS/Express Distributed Data Renderer visualization product has been ported to HECToR to allow visualization of large datasets using parallel software rendering. A number of changes to the AVS code were required to run in the HECToR environment, the most significant being the ability to make MPI calls from the main AVS/Express user interface executable running on a login node, and the addition of an MPI-based image compositing scheme. Initially the MRBV project was only considering non-interactive batch execution of AVS/Express. However scalability improvements in the code allow interactive use with higher process counts than any other previous installation of the product.

George Leaver 2010-07-29