Improving the I-O in Cfoam-CABARET

This section will summarise the development for the introduction of MPI-IO in the Cfoam-CABARET code. This will be for the parts of the code relevant to producing the restart and visualisation data files. The input grid produced from OpenFOAM will remain the same. Output files are written in the directories processor* as ResCells000000n and ResFaces000000n, where n is related to the time step and * denotes the number of the MPI process. The aim of the work will be to implement MPI-IO such that only a single file is written to ResCells000000n and ResFaces000000n, instead of there being one set of files for each process.

Furthermore, these data files are also used in the post-processing application outFoamX, to produce visualisation data as a series of *.plt files which are then suitable for reading by Tecplot360. Therefore both codes Cfoam-CABARET and outFoamX will need to be updated for MPI-IO. The overall objective will be to reduce the total number of files required.

Phil Ridley 2012-10-01