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Technical Overview

This dCSE project was carried out on HECToR, the UK National Supercomputing service. Full details of the system are available on the website [2]. During the project HECToR was in its `Phase 2a' configuration - 5664 Cray XT4 nodes, each containing an AMD 2.8GHz dual-core Opteron processor with 6GB RAM shared between the two cores, and running the CSE 2.1 operating system.

HECToR also contains an X2 Vector Unit consisting of 28 nodes with 4 vector processors per node; however, this part of the system was not used during this project.

As a results of this project, both the latest release of OpenFOAM, namely version 1.6, and version 1.5 are currently available on HECToR. Both versions are available as both dual- and quad-core versions. Currently, version 1.6.x is not available.

As part of this project, both versions have undergone basic testing to ensure correctness. Further, version 1.6 has undergone basic profiling, with a view to introducing HECToR-specific optimisations.

Gavin J Pringle