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Fruitful Connections

During the course of this project, the author met with an author of OpenFOAM [4] and established a working relationship to develop the 3D Dam Break benchmark, as described below.

Further, the author attended the Open Source CFD International Conference 2009, on the 12th and 13th of November, at the World Trade Center, Barcelona, Spain. This conference permitted the author to have indepth discussions with both academic and industrial users of OpenFOAM, which helped guide the choice of benchmarks below. These contacts included Paul Garlick, [5], who helped develop the 3D Spray benchmark, as described below.

Lastly, Patrice Calegari of Bull [6] and Esko Jarvinen of CSC [7] helped develop the 3D Lid-Driven Cavity Flow benchmark.

Gavin J Pringle