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Compilation of NEMO V3.0 on HECToR was relatively straight-forward. When compiling for both the XT4 and X2 some issues with the make clean not removing various files and libraries were discovered. The file libioipsl.a does not get removed and a number of *.mod and *.o files are not removed. This can create problems when swapping between compilers or between XT4/X2 builds as incompatible .mod or .o files persist which causes the build to fail. The problem can be solved by the addition of: $(IOIPSL_LIB) $(LIBDIR)/*.mod $(LIBDIR)/*.o *.mod to the clean: macro in the top level NEMO Makefile in /WORK.

A diff of the original and modified Makefile gives:

<               $(RM) model.o $(MODDIR)/oce/*.mod $(MODEL_LIB)
>               $(RM) model.o $(MODDIR)/oce/*.mod $(MODEL_LIB)
> *.mod

This modification ensures that all the .a, .o and .mod files are removed with make clean. These suggested modifications were passed back to the NOCS researchers.