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Installing zlib 1.2.3

Zlib is freely available compression library which can be utilised by HDF5 1.8.1 or later. Further information on zlib can be found at [7]. The following options were used to compile zlib 1.2.3 on HECToR. The optimisation level was set to -O2 as this should give a good compromise between performance and code stability.

make distclean
export FC='ftn -O2'
export F90='ftn -O2'
export F95='ftn -O2'
export CC='cc -O2'
export CXX='CC -O2'
export LOGFILE=build_zlib_pgi_opt.txt 

./configure --prefix=/home/n01/n01/fionanem/local/optimised &> $LOGFILE
make >> $LOGFILE
make check >> $LOGFILE
make install >> $LOGFILE
cp -rp ~/local/optimised /work/n01/n01/fionanem/local/.

At the end of the installation the library files are copied to the the /work file system as part of the HDF5 and netCDF installations must be carried out via the batch system which can only access the work file system. The output from the make check is also examined to ensure that all the testers complete successfully.