MicroMagnetic modelling of naturally occurring magnetic mineral systems

Dr. Chris M. Maynard
EPCC, The University of Edinburgh,
James Clark Maxwell Building, Kings Buildings, Mayfield Road, Edinburgh, EH9 3JZ


This report presents the results of a HECToR dSCE project to a port a serial code modelling the magnetic properties of mineral systems to HECToR. The original project plan was to implement a semi-parallel code, using the Sundials CVODE library to perform the ODE solve in parallel, using a gather/scatter to transform between the serial parts of the code. This turned out to be impractical, and the PETSc library was adopted to develop a parallel version of the code instead. A bug was discovered in the PETSc - Sundials interface which meant a working parallel code could not be delivered. However, significant progress had already been made in developing the parallel code. Most of the remaining tasks required for a parallel code were supported by an Edikt project.

Chris Maynard 2011-06-08